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So I found this CD that my bride made while we were dating. It was a Valentines gift from 2001.  I flew from CA to FL to be with her that Valentines Day and on the 17th of February I proposed.  Each of the songs, with a few exceptions spoke something about our relationship then and now.
Here is track number 1.  Computer Love by Zapp & Roger

When I put this in my radio this morning as I was driving I was grinning hard.  I mean Computer Love, classic.  Our relationship began with a simple statement that I posted online, "Wanted:  A Good Woman to Spoil".  I won't tell you all the details but needless to say I waded through a lot of responses to that request.  Now this was back in in the 90's so the internet was a different animal.  Blogging was not the dominant force that it is today so I was reading a lot of emails.  We began chatting over email alot before we finally met.  From that our relationship grew but computer and technology permeated it.  After seeing each other for a few months she left MD to return to college and shortly after that I moved to CA.  So with a 3000 distance between us and little money for long distance calls, IM and this new technology Voice Chat was what kept us connected.

Now, after being married 8 years we are still connected through our technology.  We trade several emails a day even though that is less now with her job change.  We are Facebook friends and exchange messages there.  And we have to have an unlimited texting plan on our phones because we trade a couple thousand texts each month.

The Nerd in me smiles...

God's Man 

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