God's Man | Soul Sister...

The next track is Soul Sister by Bilal. 

We always felt that there was a connection between us that went beyond the physical.  We felt connected intellectually even spiritually, as much as we understood a spiritual connection at that time.  We never believed the who soul mate thing and we still don't but we knew we were linked.  Or maybe it was just me.  I didn't tell her until we were engaged but I knew I was going to marry her after our 3rd date.  There was just an ease to how we navigated around each other.   We were so comfortable around each other.  It was like meeting an old friend from very early on in our relationship.

It is the same way now but now I know what it is to truly be united with someone.  I didn't understand so much back then and I only know a little more now.  I remember our 1st day as a married couple and how different it was from our last day as an engaged one.  I look at how things are now, 8 years later and I am amazed how God continues to teach me more about my Soul Sister.

So connected...

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