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Here is the second of the 5 Minute Drills that Princess Mighty and I did last night.  The actual drill was Why I Love School but since I am not here is,


Why I love to learn

I think that learning is very important and value it above many other pursuits.  The reason for this is because God has called us to always be growing in our knowledge of His word and of the world around us.  While we should not live to emulate the world we should know how to operate within it.  I didn't always get this.  When I was in school I didn't work as hard as I should because I didn't see how important that an education was.  I let my peers define my production.  This made it very hard for me to get into college.  Through God's grace I was able to get into college and my mind was really opened to what learning really is.  Outside of my classes I was able to study poetry, art, religion, politics, philosophy.  I was also able to learn about business, computers and technology.

I think that learning is a critical part of this life and our relationship with God.

How you do anything is how you do everything!

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