Not Me Monday | God's Man Edition...

No Not Me...
I did not get frustrated with my wonderful wife because, after a weekend filled with chores (painting, moving furniture, and some light electrical), we spent our morning drive talking about all the chores coming up for me in the next weekend.
I did not get scared reading the book "The Love Dare" because God is testing me with each new dare.
I did not completely blow off working on a project that has lingered on from 2008.
I did not give my daughters huge amounts of cheese curls with their lunch on Sunday after church.
I did not use eat all the leftover cheese curls because I didn't want them to go to waste.
I did not issue a challenge to my church members and offer a prize from the pulpit.
I did not give my oldest daughter Ritz bitz crackers to entice her to stay in her room so I could watch the 24 premiere on Sunday.
I did not ignore my conscience telling me to workout all last week.
I did not get jealous when a friend told me he and his wife went out on a date.
That's what I didn't do.  How about you? Check out McMama's Blog for the whole Not Me Experience.  Check out my friend Momo's Blog, she's the one that got me hooked on this.

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