God's Man | Not Me Monday 3rd Edition

No Not Me...
Not Me Monday God's Man Edition
  • I did not start writing this list while in a meeting.
  • I did not speak for more than my alloted time on Sunday.
  • I did not reorder my sermon shortly before the service began.
  • I did not laugh when my wife had to change a stinky diaper. We don't have a rule that whoever smells it has to deal with it. ;)
  • I did not go in search of mangoes 2 nights in a row. Mangoes are my favorite!
  • I did not fail in said search on both nights. :(
  • I did not go off budget to buy a chipotle burrito over the weekend. I am teaching financial peace university at my church so I would never do that.
  • I did not spend time doing electrical work in my house only to learn that all I needed was a new light bulb. I am a nerd so things like this never happen.
  • I did not get excited when I could leave early this morning. I love watch my family get ready so we can all leave together.
  • I did not stare at my wife through my basement window while she was exercising. I was busy cleaning the ice off of my windows.
  • I certainly did not enjoy it. ;)

That's what I didn't do. How about you? Check out McMama's Blog for the whole Not Me Experience. Check out my friend Momo's Blog, she's the one that got me hooked on this.

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