God's Man | 25 Things About Me

UPDATE: Thanks to my Big Brother Rick for reminding me that I am only married to one woman and now multiple women.

My friend Momo tagged me so here are 25 thing about me.
  1. At one point I was one of 5 people in my family with the same first and last name
  2. I had a list growing up of the things I wanted to do before I got married and I did them all.
  3. I live in a neighborhood that was founded by my Great Great Grandfather and most of the people that have lived here are family.
  4. I have a ridiculous love of Mangos.
  5. I love comic books/video games/computer and most other nerdy pursuits.
  6. My wife and I plan to own a Villa here someday.
  7. I have worked for 3 companies that were in the top three in their industry.
  8. I was called into the ministry when I was a pre-teen but I ignored it until I was in my 20's.
  9. I am somewhat of an oddity in my family because of my political views.
  10. I am a voracious student of the founding fathers.
  11. I love to read and typically read 2-4 books every month.
  12. My wife and I went an entire year without watching TV. Even now we watch very little.
  13. Having said that I am a fan of 24, Smallville, Lost, and Law and Order.
  14. I am afraid of heights.
  15. I started blogging to show my students that there are an unlimited number of ways to make money.
  16. I was coached 25 folks into starting their own successful businesses.
  17. Whenever I get up to speak I am very nervous. I often feel as if I am about to vomit.
  18. I have made several great friends online.
  19. I am married to the greatest woman in the world.
  20. I have 2 brilliant, beautiful, and bold daughters.
  21. I have 12 God-children ranging in age from 20 down to 3.
  22. I met my wife over the internet using the subject line, "Looking For a Good Women To Spoil".
  23. I have been performing on stage in one way or another since I was 5 years old.
  24. I hate having my picture taken.
  25. I have been fasting from posting to my blog for the last 21 days. I missed it.

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