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I found this in a set of scheduled posts that for some reason never sent.

Right now I am listening to the princesses in their praise dance class. I say listening instead of watching because the door to the studio is closed too keep the people who walk by can't see them in their leotards. I told my bride, the queen, that dance class was her thing and that I would not be taking them. I wanted them in martial arts or swim class. I knew better though. Secretly I love seeing my girls do new things. I love seeing them grow through new experiences.

So I shared on the FaceBooks that I was taking them to dance class. One of my friends commented that I was a great dad.
I have never been good with compliments. Not that I don't like them. Recognition is great! I just don't feel comfortable be called a great Dad. For me what I do for and with my kids is what I am supposed to be doing. Recognition is for when you go above and beyond. Great is when you have done something extra. That is my opinion though.
The other side of this is that I enjoy being a Dad. I don't think that I am a great Dad. I think that being a Dad is Great!
Being a Dad is a Great
Being a Dad is a Great Responsibility
Being a Dad is a Great Joy

-Always chasing His Glory

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