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Makes Me Wanna Holler.com - Man, Dad, Husband: Really Home Alone

This is a great post and @EpayneTheDad highlights one of my biggest pet peeves:
"No I'm not Mr. Mom, or "babysitting" my own damn kids, or frazzled or hanging on by a thread. Have I been tired? Yes. Have I had moments where I've been at wit's end? Definitely! Have I had any time to myself? After midnight when I can't leave the house and I'm delirious with fatigue. Have I ever once considered that I can't do this? Not even once. I'm DAD, doing what I'm supposed to be..."

I cannot tell you how many time I hear that as I am out with my girls. It frustrates me because like E says, these are my kids. No one should be more involved in their lives than me. No one should be more engaged that I am.

Men, if you are leaving the work of child rearing to your wives or girlfriends then I need you to rethink your title as man. Clearly you are not one.

Men, there is no greater ministry work that you do above the ministry of your home. If you are married with children or have children outside of marriage you betta, yeah I said betta, be a large part of their lives. If you have damaged relationships, humble yourself and being repairing them.

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