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Here, they see a pretty muscular man. It is confusing to them. I do not explain. I give them the Popeye "I am what I am." Most people just look. They think I am a little weird. They are wrong. I am a lot of weird. Who works out when there is free beer? Who eats salad when there is BBQ? Who has apples in his pockets?
I do.
The best-tasting food is the kind that comes from your own efforts, because victory tastes oh-so-sweet. Conquer KFC-style fried chicken, smoky barbecue, wood-fired pizza, five-minute bread, and other DIY delicacies with these great food-focused projects.
There may be plenty of ways for Twitter to make money, but it doesn't look like charging membership fees will be one of them: a recent survey showed that zero percent of users would pay for the service. Zilch. None.
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But usually we don't get "righteous anger" we just get angry. In other words we let anger get a hold of us and when it does it takes all it can and leaves no leftovers. Anger left unchecked can cost a person their reputation, their relationships, job or career and it may even cost them their very life. It must be handled wisely!

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