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"When I was losing all the weight, I remember the sizes dropping. I remember the milestone losses. I remember all of the compliments and praises I received.
This journey was not about looking in the mirror with self doubt. It was not saying 'I look horrible, I need to lose weight.' I never cared what others thought of me. I always felt like I was dashing.
It was not about skinny jeans. It was not about being hot."
"You've heard a few of these household tips, here and elsewhere—install a programmable thermostat, switch to fluorescents, stop energy vampires. Visualized and tabulated for yearly savings, though, those small changes seem much more appealing."
"If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest one in the world. But on the day that the massive social network achieved its most significant milestone yet – crossing the 500 million member mark – the site's young CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said that it's the users who deserve all the credit."
"There will be 18 classes available to players when role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV launches this fall on PC.
The classes are divided into four groups: Fighter, Sorcerer, Craftsman and Gatherer."
"One young lady asked the men on the panel what she should do to uncover a young man’s true intentions. My response was simple: don’t have sex with him."

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