Note: Ebenezer Faith and Grace

Today was the first service at  Ebenezer Faith and Grace Tabernacle.  The pastor is Judy Austin who is the mother of one of my wife's best friends.  We wanted to be there for the inaugural service.

Educate ->
  Grow the people's knowledge and understanding of God's Word.

Elevate ->
Elevate the people's Faith.

Empower ->
Empower the people to answer God's call. 

The church's founding scripture is 1st Samuels 7:12
Stone of Help = Ebenezer

The rest of this are my notes from today's message.

Esther 4:4-9
Chosen for such a time as this.
We are chosen because we are valuable to God.

God created the circumstances that allowed His people to be chosen.  He does the same for us.

Psalm 27
Whom do you fear and why?

1. Esther learned to count the costs.
- what people and things need to be cut/change d for what God is preparing to do.
- what are our priorities.
   There are some things we cannot have.

2. How Do you determine your priorities?  PRAY
Let God give you the words.

3. Prepare for your journey.
Don't grow weary in well doing.

Get instruction.
Pray and ask.

You can no longer sit in the seat of 'do nothing'

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