God's Man | Not Me Monday Pumpkin Spice Edition...

So I have been less than diligent in getting out my Not Me Posts.  I am asking for forgiveness from McMama who started this Blog Carnival and my friend Momo who got me started on this Not Me Path.  So without further ado this is what I didn't do.
  • I did not breathe a sigh of relief when my wonderful bride stood in the gap for my Not Me procrastination.
  • I did not not stand in the lobby of my church drinking an IBC root beer and get embarrassed when someone said it looked funny for a church leader to be drinking during service.
  • I certainly didn't get heckled during my church announcements on Sunday.  Our Church is the definition of quiet reverence.
  • I was not blown away by my wife's laughter during our guest speakers sermon on Sunday.  I wonder if anyone knows why we found his comments about a particular pastor in TX so funny.  But since it didn't happen no one would even be curious?
  • I did not sleep in on Saturday and be secretly happy when I woke up to a quiet and empty house.  I mean who would enjoy going to bed late and getting up with children early.
  • I most definitely did not watch 80's and 90's music videos at church on Friday.  En Vogue, Kool Mo Dee, LL Cool J, Boys II Men were not some of my favorites.
  • I did not hit the wall, in terms of our church build out, after getting back from our vacation. I mean after spending a week lounging with my beautiful bride and the kids who wouldn't want to be away from them every night.
  • I did not have to tell one of the consultants on my team that he should take the day off when his bride comes from India.  SMH
Oh well that is enough for today.  I really need to start planning these earlier in the week.
Have a Good Week All!

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