God's Man | Not Me Monday Clearing My Phone Edition...

Well It seems that we have added another face to the LHC Not Me Monday Crew.  Welcome to MamaGrim from Not Quite A Fairy Tale.  Along with my friend Momo from Hall Family In Maryland we are making quite the blogging team.  Thanks, as always, goes to MckMama from My Charming Kids for creating this blog carnival.  So without further ado I give you what I certainly did not do.
I most certainly did not wonder why my phone has been acting stupid only to learn that it was running out of memory due to my inability to delete anything.  I am a complete master of technology and I always clear out my pictures and applications. 
I was not amazed by this old corn cob that I saw at the Dunkin Donuts some time back.  I mean it is perfectly reasonable to a corn cob to be at Donut shop.
I am not easily distracted...  Oh Look Something Shiny
I did not hit the wall after being alone with my daughters, while mommy was away, and send everyone (including me) to their rooms for a time out.  These princesses would never get out of control.
I did not want to hug my beautiful bride when she got back from TX and then run away screaming into the hills.  I mean as a Dad I am never overwhelmed by my responsibilities.  My children are always blessings.  Yup!
I also didn't allow the princesses mentioned above to make a cake and pick different ingredients.  They certainly didn't add an extra 1/4c of sugar and substitute Heavy Whipping cream for milk.  It did not result in the densest batter I have ever seen and I certainly did not bring it in for my co-workers who say it is one of the best cakes the girls have ever made.
I didn't feed my family Papa John's Pizza and wings for Sunday Dinner.  I mean we always have a big Sunday meal with Hot bread and dessert.
Whew!  While there is so much more I am leaving it at that.  So what didn't you do?

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