How Do You Respond to Life's Toughest Questions?

I have been listening to a sermon series entitled Life's Toughest Questions. The pastor is Erwin McManus from Mosaic Church in Los Angeles, CA. This series came at a strange time for me. My wife and I, in following God's prompting, left Texas. We have moved back to my hometown of Hanover, MD.

I knew that this wouldn't be the easiest transition. We would be moving back in with my parents while we finalized the sale of our home in Texas. It is hard to go from having a 1700sqft home to living in a basement. It is hard go from being solely responsible for decisions and now having extra eyes and ears. It has made me question myself. I have always wanted to have an impact on the people around me but right now I don't feel that I am impacting anyone.

This led me to Paul. I started to think about his dry season (in the wilderness). Did he get frustrated? Did he cry out to God asking when? Did he think he was making the wrong decisions time after time? Or That it was his bad decisions that were keeping him stuck.

I feel like I am such a mess right now. I've got to make a change somewhere and fast. It is hard to deal with this. I'm glad that I don't really have to. I'm glad that God is there to order my steps. I'll just keep him at the forefront of my mind.

Let's enjoy this time of self discovery together. God is definitely up to something.

God's Man

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