I got this great email from my wife today and I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy


Does anyone have any good things to say about life? (Caveat: I am speaking to myself FIRST!!) When I ask about weekends or vacations most people go to the negative first. Well, do you remember ANY good part of your weekend. Forget that it is “never” long enough. Or that it rained when you wanted to grill or the dog ate you new shoes. How many good things happen in life that we just gloss and glance over without a second thought. The Word says, “Rejoice in the Lord always! Again I say rejoice!!” The emphasis on “Again” has convicted me of the words I allow to come out of my mouth. When someone asks me about my weekend, I usually say good things, but what am I saying about my daily activities of life?? Am I complaining b/c I get requests for information at the last minute or that some co-worker made me mad? OR am I rejoicing in the Lord and being happy on my ability to think clearly, the activity of my limbs, the fact that I woke up @ 6am to actually go and RUN... THAT is a TESTIMONY in itself. (no laughing here, mister) No, ALL the bills are not paid in full, but I have houses, plural, and land; I’ve got the BEST husband in the world, the BRIGHTEST future Rhodes Scholar, a supportive and loving family……….. I WILL rejoice in the LORD

Thanks for listening!

Love you


Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.

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