Are you Open??

Challenge: Are you open as a parent? Are you available? I learned/am learning that I have to be “on purpose” about being open and available to my daughter. She has to KNOW from experience that she can come and talk to me about ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. Any subject, challenge, issue, anything under the son. But in order to do that I have to be open, receptive, and prepared to stop and listen. Joyce Meyer said this morning that our kids pick up things from us that we don’t like about ourselves. Then, when they resemble that behavior, attitude, etc we begin to not like them, distance ourselves, and resent them for feeling unloved, unappreciated, etc. I thought that was so powerful! I wonder if we as parents are willing or even strong enough to allow God to work on us and REALLY MOVE some mountains out of our lives, I mean REALLY fight against some mediocre attitudes, behaviors, “stinking thinking” so that our children don’t have to go through exactly what we are dealing with at this exact same time in our lives. I ask myself: Do I love Isana, other children, other people enough to get over myself and move forward into God’s purpose and plan for my life?

What mountain needs to be moved out of your life?? What will your answer be??

Take Care,

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