Quiet Time...

I love quiet times. When everyone is asleep or should be. I've been thinking about what it means to be God's Man. I wonder if David sat and thought about what being God's Man really meant. He was called a Man After God's Heart. Abraham was called a Friend of God. Jesus is God!

Where does little Carlton fit in the pantheon of Great Men of God? Where is my place? What is my purpose? How do I cope when my responsibilities seem overwhelming?

It's times like these when I can really hear God. I know that He is reaching out to me. Comforting me. He is in every situation and if we can hold on to that truth we can smile and give Him praise.

I often ask my god-daughter what are you creating? It's time to tap back into my source. The Creative Power of God.

God be Praised. You chose "little" 'ol me. The crazy guy for the Country and stuck me with Your men and said you will do great things indeed.

Good Night All
God's Man

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