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Having children is one of the greatest gifts that God gives to his men.  Only the gift of a wife has a bigger impact on the life of a man.  Embrace those whom God has given to you.  Remember your responsibilities to Provide, Protect, Honor and Teach those in your charge.  When God asks what did you do with what I gave you let it be said that you were a good steward.

My prayer for you today men is that you live for the glory of God.  That you let that filter cover every interaction with your family.  That you would see your children and spouse as God sees them in Christ.

The picture above is of my oldest.  There was a time when she couldn't ride her bike without training wheels.  There was a time when she only wanted to ride if I rode with her.  Those days are just about over.  While she enjoys riding with Dad she asks to ride on her own.  She is starting to want more independence.  One day I'll blink and she'll be leaving our home for college or holding my hand as we walk down the aisle.

This life is a flicker gentlemen.  Don't miss these moments in the hustle and bustle of "everyday" life.  Stop, Look, and Listen to what is happening all around you.  Prioritize and execute based on an eternal standard.

Hope your day goes well and that you let God lead as you lead in your home,

God's Man

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