God's Man | Voices Joined In Song

I love to music.  This came from 1 source but in 2 very different contexts.  My dad is a fantastic singer.  When I was a kid there was always music being played.  We had a record player(remember those?) and dad would play all his favorite albums.  He is still to this day one of the biggest audiophiles around.  He can go on and on about the difference between his new Pioneer 7.1 surround receiver and his old stereo receiver that he bought back in 1971.  I say 2 contexts because my dad also sang on our church's choir for many years with his uncles and cousins.  The St. Mark's Men's Choir was in institution for many years.  Those brothers could sing.  There is something about hearing men joined in song to God that stirs the soul.  As a young boy and young man it was something that I didn't understand.  Now I recognize that God resonated through the songs of His people.

Today they released the audio from the Together for the Gospel conference.  There were several thousand men singing praise to their King.  As I listen to these songs it stirs my soul.

You can download the All I Have Is Christ here

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