Not Me Monday with the Green Goddess...

Well we made it through another week and I am grateful to be sharing my Not Me Monday Space with my awesome wife the Green Goddess.  Hat Tips to MckMama over at My Chaming Kids, for starting the NMM madness, and my friends Momo of Keeping Up With the Halls and MamaGrim of Not Quite a Fairy Tale for keeping me in the game.  (MamaGrim where have you been?)
Here are some things that we did not do last week...
From the Green Goddess
  • I did not have a heavy dinner WITH dessert the night before my 5K.  (I can attest to this because I always prepare healthy meals - G.M.)
  • I also did not train all summer for this 5k so that I could beat my friend to the finish line, only to find out that she has slowed down a bit over the last year. J.       
  • I am not SUPER excited that my hubby signed up for a triathlon, and got a family membership to his triathlon club.  (I can confirm that this didn't happen either.  Everyone knows that I enjoy sitting still most of all. - G.M.)
  • I did not convince my oldest to wear the robot she made out of the Capri sun box so that I could avoid looking for or making a snow white outfit for the Halloween Hullabaloo at school.
  • I did not get stressed last week when we had family pictures taken. We are always prepared for anything!
  • I did not have to hold in my laughter when my oldest was freaked out about peeing in the bushes because she could not hold it until we got home.  She actually got poked in the butt several times during this excursion!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
From God's Man
  • I did not substitute heavy cream for low fat milk in the meal that I prepared on Sunday.  That smaller carton must contain less calories and fat.  ;)
  • I did not trick my oldest into going to bed 30 minutes earlier using the it is dark outside so it must be bed time.
  • I did not pull the above trick to gain a few extra minutes alone with the Green Goddess. 
  • I am not enjoying all of the exercising that my beautiful bride is doing.  I am not tempted by her new feminine physique in the slightest.
  • I am not excited because I have a 3 day work week.  I love going into the office every day.
  • I am not scared out of my mind by the lack of preparation I have done for National Novel Writers Month this year.
So what didn't you do???

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