God's Man | Not Me Monday Sleepy Edition...

Well it is early Monday morning and I can't sleep. That is probably because I haven't started my Not Me post for this week. So I better get it done so I can get to sleep. Check out MckMama the one who started it all and my friend Momo who got me hook on all this Not Me craziness. So here is a bunch of things that I didn't do
  • I did not get up and eat an entire section of graham crackers. I mean a guy training for a triathlon does not snack on sweets late at night.
  • I did not laugh at my brides shocked expression when she walked into our dark living room and nearly tripped over our oldest, who was trying to avoid going to bed.
  • I did not have a geek attack this week when my wife brought me Mango flavored Italian Ice.
  • I certainly do not have mango-addiction. I can give them up any time.
  • I did not research Mango butter only to find out it is like Cocoa butter and not Apple butter.
  • I was not sad about the above revelation.
  • I was not frustrated when I learned that the government was taking a large stake in the company that I work for. I mean we, as a country, would never stand by while our elected officials completely overstep their boundaries. Right?
  • I was not sad when my wife and I drove separate cars to work last week.
  • I most definitely did not think about quitting my job several times last week. I don't think it is time to move on.
  • I also didn't look at jobs in TX because we still have a house there and it would mean a lower cost of living.
Well I think I will leave it at that for this week. I am ready for my bed. For those of you on the east coast enjoy the snow. I plan to play in it today.

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