Fortune Cookie...

I ate lunch at Joey Chiu's Resturant today. I thought the food was excellent and the restaurant was very nice inside. At the end of the meal there was, of course, a fortune cookie. Normally I don't focus in on the actual fortune but today's cookie got me thinking.
"Suppose you can get what you want..."
This weekend at church we had a visit from Bishop Salamat Khokhar. He is an evangelist from the country of Pakistan. He spoke with us about being in a country where the Christians are in the minority. It was amazing how he walks with such boldness. That is the boldness that I have prayed for. I asked him what was the difference between Christians in the US and overseas. His response was, "The American Christian is lazy."

I thought about that alot. I mean I wouldn't call myself lazy but as I thought about it I realized that yes I am. I mean I don't proclaim the Gospel like I should. I don't go out of my way to tell someone about God.

At first I was sad but than it made me have a greater desire to get off of my butt. God gave me a purpose and it is time to really put my heart and soul into it.

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