Last night I had a very weird dream. A friend of mine once described dreams as defragmentation of the mind. He said that dreams occur as your mind tries to find the pattern in the seemingly random experiences, thoughts, and actions of your day. I'm going to write down in my notebook what happens in my dreams and ask God to make sense of it. After last night I know that I cannot do it myself.


People in the Dream:
Me, Virginia Carter, my cousin "Cakes"

Locations in the Dream:
Virginia Carter's House, Villa Julie College (AC Building)

Segment 1:
I learn that Virginia Carter, SNSD in Primerica Financial Services, has gotten married to my cousin Cakes. He is very abusive. He cusses at her and treats really badly. I go and sit down with her at their house. It is huge and very well decorated. She and I sit in a sun room in back of the house. She and I have a light conversation. She tells me a little about herself and I tell her about me. The conversation seems pregnant with unspoken topics. I decided not to talk with her about Primerica, because I'm sure she get asked about it all the time. I wake up after that.

Segment 2:
Ginny and I, she ask me to her Ginny, are walking through the AC building at Villa Julie. I am showing her the classrooms and talking about what our team does here. Again the conversation seems light and fluffy. All style and no substance. We get about halfway down the hall and some people call to her from down the hall. She acknowledges them. I can't tell who they are as they are covered in shadows. We keep walking and talking but I start slowing my pace. I want to keep talking with Ginny. I want to talk about important things but we seem caught up in this banal conversation about my work.. We walk and talk and then, almost by surprise we are at the end of the hall. Ginny leaves with the shadowy people. I wake up full of sadness.

Questions for God:
Why did Ginny marry Cakes? I didn't see him at all during the dream.
Why were we at Villa Julie?
Why was I so insistent not to talk about Primerica?
Why did it matter to me at all?
Why won't Primerica go away?

My prayer:
Father be with Virginia Carter today. I don't know why she appeared in my dream but I want to lift her up to you. She believes in you and I am grateful that you placed her in my mind as an example. Bless her today because she has impacted so many lives. Be with my cousin Cakes. He needs you so much now that he is trying to make a stand for you. Give me direction as well Father. I don't know why my mind continues to point me at Primerica. Is it really for me. Is that part of the calling you have for me? I don't want to throw myself into anything that is not from you. Tell me, Father, am I just chasing the wind? Help me with my questions in Jesus Name amen.

God's Man.

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