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I love how my minds moves when I do these drills. This one is a bit off topic but it captures something that I have been working on for quite some time. As I opened this drill I allowed one of my novel's characters, now an old man to write down in his journal. He lives in a prison. A prison of his own making.


There are moments where I can still hear the voices. Like echoes through time I can still hear the battle raging. I wonder if I will ever get beyond that moment.

The smell of smoke and the clanging of weapons. The shouts of battle reflecting off of the armor of warriors who had seen both their first and last battle. Their young faces seem far to young to have been part of the carnage around them.

The heat of fire still cascade through my mind. We had tapped into something in those days that no one even remembers in this age of peace. Time is short for one such as I and at my age you would think I would have all the answers. However because of my age I know how crazy an assumption that is. For every answer we have found there continues to be even more questions.

I mean I was around when we hit that moment. The moment that should have been out most prized moment. Everything understood, catalogued, and accessible by everyone. We had found a way to link it all together. We had found a way to link all of us together.

No more confusion. No more separation. No more division.

But we had forgotten one thing. One very important lesson. In the run up to building this amazing thing. A group of us had come up with a way to connect our minds. We could live whole lifetimes within. Knowing and being known. Inside there was no limit. Inside there were no boundaries. We could be everywhere, do anything. We even figured out how to to touch the outer world. We could create whole worlds and began to invite others in.

We decided that we would connect our worlds. United as one mind there would be nothing we could not do.

We we so foolish...

We had not idea what we would unleash...

We would come so close to losing it all...


Chasing after His Glory...

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