God's Man | An Important Question...

I have been thinking about the first few questions that we ask the princesses about God.

1. Who made you? - God

2. What else did He make? - Everything

3. Why did He make you and everything else? - For His Glory

These three things break down the Chief Aim of Man which is to Glorify God by Enjoying Him Forever.

I have had a few chanced this week to talk about this with friends, strangers, an family.  It is a difficult thing to wrap your head around.  I struggle with it... a lot.  The idea that the earth is the Lord's and everything in it, I should be ok when things don't look the way I want.

What does it mean to Glorify God by enjoying Him?  How does that look?  What about my situation?

If it is all His, then where do I fit?

Those are tough thoughts.  What do you think?  How do you live a life that shows your absolute reliance on Him?

- God's Man

PS.  I will share my thoughts in the next post.

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