Proud Dad Moments ¦ Swim Class 2011

A little less than 2 years ago we took Princess Mighty(aged 5) to the North Arundel Aquatic Center for he 1st swim lesson.  While she was generally fearless she had, in my opinion, an unusual aversion to water.  If water got in her face she would run for a towel and probably cry.  So those early classes were a challenge.  Anytime her face would get wet she would want to get out of the pool. I didn't get it.  I tried to remember my 1st swim class.  My cousin and I went to the YWCA, yup the YWCA, in Baltimore City.  Early Saturday morning we would get in the water, blow bubbles, tread water, and eventually dive into the deep water.

Anyway enough about me.  Today was Princess Mighty's Level 4 American Red Cross class.  She was nervous becuase it is completely into the deep water.  No more kiddie pool for her.  She is in the same pool that she watches me swim my laps.  I was worried at first as she seemed to struggle with not touching the bottom but by the end of class she was doing great.

Princess Mini (aged 3) had her 1st solo class as well.  She hates water in her face just like big sister but handled being in the water without Daddy like a champ.

Happy Saturday

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