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Here are some notes that I took while listening to a sermon on Biblical Manhood by Pastor Voddie Bauchman author of Family Driven Faith: Doing What It Takes to Raise Sons and Daughters Who Walk with God.  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Biblical Manhood by Pastor Voddie Bauchman

We don't need more ball players.  We need Men with Trained Minds.
We need Men with Godly Biblical Character
We need Men with Multi-Generational Vision
We need Men who commit themselves and all their faculties to Almighty God
We need to Raise Warriors for Christ, not Entertainers.

We measure men today by the 3 B's
Ball Field

These are the three things that we need to see in Biblical Men
  1. God Honoring Labor
    1. No Lazy Men
      1. - It is my job to protect my daughter for worthless men.  "Do Not Abide a Lazy Man."  Don't get involved before your evaluate.  
      2. - What has more value, Lamborghini Testerosa or your daughter?
        1. - You will allow a 17 year old to test drive one of them...
        2. - This culture has told you to value a Lamborghini more than our daughters
    2. - Genesis 3:17-19
      1. - The weariness of work is a biproduct of the fall, not work itself
    3. - Proverbs 6:6-12;26:13-16
      1. - If you are lazy you are committed to your own destruction.  Ladies if you connect to a lazy man then you are committed to yours.
      2. - The Lazy Man is not lazy about finding excuses
    4. - 2 Thessalonians 3:6
      1. - The Apostles modeled a Biblical Work Ethic to the Church
      2. - If a man is lazy.  God intends for him to be hungry.  Hunger is an incredible motivator
    5. - 1 Timothy 5:8
      1. - A committment to God Honoring Labor is essential
    6. Final Thought on Laziness
      1. - Everything that my hands find to do I should do as unto God.
      2. - You can go to work everyday and still be lazy
      3. - Waiting until the last minute is a mark of laziness.
      4. - When in a class are you focused on expanding your mastery of something or the minimun to get out of that class?  What re your studying?  Whatever can get you out the quickest?
  2. Committed to God's Law
    1. - Genesis 2:16-17
      1. - Before the fall there was God's Law
    2. - Do you know the Law of God?
      1. - 95% do not know the all 10...
      2. - How can you share/teach this to your wife, children, and future generations
    3. - Genesis 3:1-3
      1. - "...do not touch"
    4. - Headship means that we are untimately responsible for the resources that we have.
  3. - Genesis 3:17
    1. - Men are responsible for the discipling of his wife and his children.
    2. - Ladies the man that you are connected to is responsible for the discipleship of your future generations.
      1. - If a man cannot disciple you and your children then he is not ready to be your husband
  4. Committed to Priority of the Family 
    1. - Genesis 2
      1. - The first time in creation that God says something is not good is when Adam was alone.
        1. - Not all are called marriage - Matthew 19:12
        2. - 1 Corithians 7:26
    2. - Every man should be prepared to be a husband and every woman should be prepared to be a wife.
      1. - Be prepared
      2. - Jesus is engaged
    3. - Our culture says that men should avoid marriage until the last possible moment.
      1. - "After you have sucked everything out of life then you can get married and give her the leftovers"
      2. - Have a priority in your mind that you are preparing to be a husband and a father with a multigenerational vision of raising up arrows to lauch for the sake of the kingdom of God.
      3. - Protect your purity and pray God, in your youth will bring you a woman with whom you can create a dynasty.
    4. - I am not wiser than Solomon, Stronger than Samson, or more Godly than David.  I'm getting married
  5. The first 4 commandments are vertical.  How do we treat God.  The next 6 are horizontal.  How do we treat man.
    1. I'm God You Don't Get Another 
    2. Don't Make Anything That Looks Like Me
    3. Don't Mess With My Name (Misuse)
    4. Work For 6 Days and Rest on the 7th (Don't Mess With My Day)
    5. Honor Mom and Dad (The Only one with a Promise)
    6. Don't Commit Murder
    7. Don't Commit Adultery
    8. Don't Steal
    9. Don't Bear False Witness
    10. Do Not Covet

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