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I found this while sifting through some files stored on a file server that I used to maintain during college.  As I read through this I pulled me right back to where I was when I wrote it.  Life was approaching a cross roads for me and I hesitated when I should have moved.  It always amazes me how powerful words are.  When they are connected to emotion/passion they can do unbelievable things.  This is extremely off topic for what I normally have here but I wanted to share it anyway. 
Do You Love Me
I wonder sometimes do you love me
When my mind fills with doubt and and shame
I think, "Do I really deserve to be?"
When I reach out I get more of the same.
Rejection is a bitter pill to swallow
It is often to big to take
So it gets broken as you wallow
In a depression you cannot shake
These words may cause harsh reactions
But their purpose should not be ignored
When your words do not match your actions
You may find yourself on the other side of the door.
- God's Man

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