God's Man | Not Me Monday...

Not Me Monday - God's Man Edition
I did not spend an hour at work counseling two husbands to be more patient with their wives and later I snapped at my bride later that night and today

I did not write a poem to my wife while sitting in a meeting with executives.

I did not get called out by one of my peers during said meeting and then proceeded to read notes that I had prepared in case I got caught.

I did not hide in the bathroom and read while my youngest was battling going to sleep and screaming.

I did not run around my house being excited about how clean our house was after our first cleaning session.

I certainly did not get in an argument with God and embarrass myself when he showed me my error.

I did not get jealous when I listened to some of the other husbands here at work.

They did not laugh at me when I told them that I cooked dinner and gave my little ones baths.

I did not stick my tongue out at them when they called me hen-pecked.

I did not use the word fricken at work today.

That's enough for my first foray in this Not Me Monday which I first saw over at my friend Momo's blog. The origin of Not Me Monday is at MckMama's Blog. If you've got a blog then join in on the fun.

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