Relax! God's Got It Under Control

A World Full Of Bad News, Crises, Negativity And Stress

Have you looked at the new lately?  Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find good news?  Do you ever wonder why that is?  I understand that there is a lot going on, especially now, but come on.  Can I get a break from the doom and gloom?

We Are Constantly Being Hit With This Attack

The truth is we are under attack.  There is a war going on out there.  And the battleground is your mind.  There is an enemy that wants control of you mind.  He knows that if he has lost, he’s read the back of the book, but if he can delay then we will be rendered ineffective.  I have determined in my life that his favorite weapon is distraction.

Financial Crisis, Energy Crisis, War On Terror, Elections

My wife calls me a news hole, and she is right.  I love to read the news.  I love the research, separating the truth from the spin, and finding the link between seemingly unrelated stories.  Election season is one of my favorite times.  Some guys are excited by the Olympics, Super Bowl or World Series.  Me I have Super Tuesday, Conventions, and Election Day.  During this time I get so wrapped up that all this negativity starts to influence me.  Usually I can recognize it and back away..

God Said, “Who By Worrying Can Add One Second To His Life…”

It is at that moment that I have to remember what God says in Matthew 6:27, “Who by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”  Right now our friends and family need to hear this word.  If you haven’t noticed it people are being increasingly burdened by fear, anxiety and stress.  We need to get out there and share this word with them. 

Relax…  God’s Got It Under Control.

I work in the Finance and Banking industry and over the last few weeks I have been sharing this simple word with a lot of my coworkers.  At least once a day I am telling someone to relax.  They try and give me the” yeah buts”, and I just keep telling them to relax.  God really does have it under control.  Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  So why should we stay away from worry?  I’m going to share three reasons why we should stay away from worry.


  1. Worry leads to rash decisions
  2. Worry damages relationships
  3. Worry shows a lack of faith

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