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A draft as I finish processing what God showed me...




I was walking in a dark place when I heard God speak clearly to me saying, “Whom do you love?”  I thought of my wife, who is the closest to me.  Right before my eyes she appeared with a *Poof*.  Next my children and god-children appeared.  Then my parents and extended family walked into the room.  With each face I felt so loved and secure.  Next I thought of friends both near and far, Christian and not, close and distant.  One by one they showed up and my smile grew larger. 


Next God asked me “What is important to you?”  So I started to see visual representations of my desires.  When I thought of my calling to preach a pulpit appeared.  My mind went to providing for my family and I saw invitations to my children’s graduations and to their weddings.  I saw a newspaper article announcing the Matthews Foundation’s next acquisition.  Next I thought of work and success in my career and business.  I was surprised to see a single business card with a logo on one side.  When I looked at the logo I saw a spider web pattern on it.


After that God led me away from everything and we sat looking at everything that he had revealed to me.  I was blown away by the enormity of it all.  Every person that I ever loved was in front of me.  All the desires of my heart were also laid out.  I asked God if all of this was real.  He responded by placing a single thread in my hand.  The thread, was connected to everything.  I immediately began pulling on the thread and things started to float up to us.  The business card was the first item I reeled in.  When it was in my hand God asked, “Would you give this to me?”  I asked if I would get it back and he responded, “Does it matter?”


One by one he asked for everything.  Each time it got a little harder to give things away.  When He asked for my calling I wanted to cry.  He gathered each of my friends and let them go off in to the distance where I could no longer see them.  I told God that I understood.  “I get it God”, I said as my parents and extended family walked out of sight.  I hugged my godchildren and looked at God and said, “Can they stay here with us?”  He said no as they walked on by.  With tears down my face my daughters disappeared.  Lastly my wife came and I said, “You put us together Lord, surely she can stay.”  “No,” he responded, “She is also dear to me as is everything that you have handed over.  I want her too.  Can I have her?”  I held her hand and said, “Yes…”  With that she walked on and I vanished from my sight.


With nothing left I sat looking down into the valley where everything had been.  God sat with me for a long time.  I kept looking over at God waiting for Him to say something.  I was shaking with grief, anger and frustration.  After a while He got up and started to walk away.  I asked, “Where are you going?”


“I’m leaving,” was His response.  Grabbing Him I said, “How can you leave me now?  If you leave I’ll have nothing?” 


When he sat back down he said, “Let’s talk.”  And so we did.  We talked about many things.  Big Things… Little Things…  Serious stuff and silly stuff as well.  While we were talking my family and friends began to come back into view.  They sat down with us and listened to our conversation.  The adults and the children asked questions and God showed me how to answer them.  God told me that, I will always be with you and with them.”  He showed me all the things that I had given to Him.  Then he walked down the hill into the distance.  We he was almost out of sight He said to me, “Just because you don’t see me doesn’t mean I’m not there.  Talk to me and I will talk to you.”


I went back and sat with my friends and family as we talked well into the evening.  I could feel God smiling on all of us.


"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." - Matthew 6:33

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