Job Moment...

I've been wondering if I am really being authentic. I am currently experiencing moments of great triumph. I am also experiencing times of personal failure. I wonder if I am walking the right path. I feel the full weight of my responsibility to my wife and children. Am I doing right by them? I don't know anymore. I really haven't written much about what is going on in my world recently. I started this blog to capture my personal thoughts and to discuss God's place in my life.

I feel stuck right now. I am having a Job moment right now. I want God to come down and tell me what is going on. I want Him to explain why my life is going the way it is. I just want to understand why I can't overcome certain aspects of my life. I want to know why things are not coming together for me as I planned. It is weird. I have spent so much of my life telling people to not complain, to focus on where you are going, to put God first; however I don't see things falling into place for me.

God is good all the time, I just need to remember how good He is.
God's Man

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