Where do you see God?

I find God in the most unusual places. I am a self-described movie hole. I love movies. I love going to the movies. I devour movies. This is probably because I am a story teller. I've always been interested in how people tell stories. For me movies have evolved for me. I no longer "take a vacation" and just watch a movie. I stay engaged and allow God to teach me. You have to be careful because Hollywood sometimes has an agenda that they pour into you while you are check out.

I learned this the hard way when I took my daughter to see the movie,"Happy Feet" . I loved the first part of this movie. The music was awesome, the dance sequences were also amazing. As a 3D animator I was impressed with the technical skill it took to create this movie. What caught me off guard about the movie was the flaming environmental message in the movie. The movie would have been so great without the second half of the film.

Anyway I am going to spend the next few posts talking about 5 movies that have influenced me spiritually. You might be surprised by my choices. This is my contribution to the Top 5 Group Writing Project over at ProBlogger.net

God's Man

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