Overcoming Fear...

Fear is such an empty emotion. It tells us that we can't do something, that it is too hard... But it is a lie. Today I saw fear in a very real way, in Isana's eyes. She wanted to try the monkey bars on the swing set. She was expecting our normal answer of no. I told her that I would have to remove the swings first. She watched me take each one off chain by chain. Finally it was clear and the ladder that we have watched her go up and down on seemed so tall. She decided she didn't want to do it anymore...

Aren't we like that some times. We say, God open this door. But when the door is finally open we slink away because now we have to stretch.

Like I said it could have ended there. But I wouldn't let Fear stop her growth. I told her to climb up those steps. Then she didn't want to reach for the overhead bars. It was too far she said. I told her she could do it but the fear wouldn't retreat. Even though she had grabbed the bars and was hanging on she was clearly afraid to move on. I held her and told her that I had her. Nothing could go wrong now. That was until she let go. Fear told her it was too much and she let go.

I know I have made this mistake. When I have seen God moving and I was certain He was there I have slowed down, given up, walked away. I'm sure that He was scratching His head just like I did.

So there we sat on the ground as she held me. She told me it was too hard. She was scared. She was too little. I wanted to comfort her and tell her that it would be alright. I knew however that it wouldn't be. This simple moment on the monkey bars in the backyard was pivotal. I looked her straight in the eyes and told her that she could do it. That I believed in her and God and I were on her side. And with us on her side there was nothing that she couldn't do. She smiled and I asked her if she was ready to do it now. She said yes and we climbed up and started over. The fear came back a few times but it didn't have the same sting. She climbed those stupid monkey bars with me holding her legs (very lightly). When she got to the end each time she dropped into my arms. She was so happy to have conquered her fear.

In the end we need to realize that this is happening to us every day. The Devil (fear) is lying to us about our limitations. Is it really too hard? Is it really to far to reach? Do we really not have enough money? Do we have any limitations at all?

Whatever your answer God is there telling you He believes in you and that He is on your side. Do you believe Him?

-God's Man

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