God-Filled Life...

What does a life lived for God look like?  Is it a filled with adventure?  Is it stocked with exploits of mountain moving faith?  Is it filled with little tasks that often goes unnoticed?  The bible shows us that a life should be lived two ways.

The first way is in service to others.  God clearly showed time after time that a service-oriented life is preferred.  Jesus himself showed the perfect example when he washed the feet of His disciples.  Jesus' ministry was all about service.  One of His earliest miracles, where he turned water into wine, was a total act of service.  His sacrifice on the cross, feeding the five thousand, healing the sick, raising the dead, everything he did was in service to the people he had chosen to dwell among.  Now before you pull out the  "He's God" card, there are plenty of other examples of service-oriented men and women in the bible.  Noah, David, Paul, John, Daniel, Ester, and Ruth among others served their God and the people.  The other thing that each of them displayed was a desire to Please God.

God's pleasure and approval is the second way that we should live our lives.  We all were created for God's pleasure.  We all display the glory of God though our lives.  Outside of sin there is nothing that we cannot use to bring God glory.  Our work should be done to the Glory of God.  This can be a great relief for those who are in frustrating job situations.  Imagine that you are doing your job for the glory of God.  This is guaranteed to change your perspective about your work.

This week take time out to focus on being service-oriented.  Also do everything as unto the Lord.

With Love
God's Man

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